Taking you on a musical journey in an intimate cabaret and story telling setting, sharing some fun personal stories along the way.

Linda Peterson piano, vocals Jason Peterson DeLaire sax, bongos, vocals Paul Peterson bass, vocals

Linda Peterson is an international recording artist, pianist, vocalist and songwriter who has spent much of her time abroad and plays every winter in Palm Springs, California. Jason Peterson DeLaire is a touring saxophonist with Michael Bolton and his brand new contemporary jazz single, Let’s Catch A Wave is currently in heavy rotation on Watercolors, Sirius XM. Paul Peterson is a world class bassist, producer and vocalist with international acclaim, having appeared in the movie Purple Rain as well as touring with luminaries such as Donny Osmond, Kenny Loggins and more.

“Linda comes from a family who speaks jazz as a second language. She has that special quality that A & R directors look for and rarely find. Call it originality, call it pure talent!”–Don Heckman, LA Times

$25.00 - $35.00